Green Cross Solutions Group

Green Cross Solutions is the original Consultancy practice now running a successful client base of over 1000 clients since inception in 2010.
We have further developed and expanded during the financial crisis caused by the ‘2020-2021 COVID-19 Pandemic’. This growth and development from the
parent company, Green Cross Solutions, led to resolving problems for new and existing clients.

Developing a repour and trust with our clients is essential and resolving numerous business problems by providing bespoke solutions to business needs and expansion plans. Trust, efficiency, coordination, mixed with creative consultancy ideas and ‘Unique Deliverable Solutions’ for a varied sector approach.

The Group’s three business entities are outlined :

Green Cross Solutions Business Rates Resolutions Rent Resolutions

The Green Cross Solutions business is located on the 4th Floor, 35 Oxford Street, Westminster, London W1D 2DT
This parent company, supports the Group with the accountancy and business management team, business finance solutions and Legal contract solutions.
A ten year successful business that has seen steady growth with a considerable client base, which spans a number of our current and past consultancy services.
Moving with the times both within the UK economy and within technology and innovation within the practice.

The Rent Resolutions office is located on the 3rd Floor, 35 Oxford Street, Westminster, London W1D 2DT
Email | Office No 0845 388 0059 | Website

Rent Resolutions was in its infancy ‘pre-pandemic 2019. Since the pandemic with the COVID-19 business closures and restrictions, Rent Resolutions has been changing the landscape for struggling businesses. Achieving ‘unprecedented rent reductions’ from 100% Rent Free for 12 Months to 75% for 8 Months with further discounts written out of the Commercial Lease for our clients.

This has led to the survival of several previously very successful businesses that were ground to a halt by the pandemic and financially ruined.
The removal of such a large expense for a prolonged period, allowed the businesses to regroup financially and also take away the continuous rent demands from the Landlords. Simultaneously letting the Landlords understand that they needed to be flexible or their tenants would be wound up legally and closed, leaving them with no future prospects of a rental Income stream or ability to claim outstanding commercial rent payments.

The Business Rates Resolutions office is located on the 3rd Floor at 35 Oxford Street, Westminster, London W1D 2DT
Email | Office No 0845 388 0059 | Website

Business Rates Resolutions is the latest development, this business focuses on three cost efficiencies for the business, business grants which has been achieved grants for businesses in sectors that were simply turned down under various criteria basis from their Local Authority.
We have now successfully enabled grant applications to be supported. Including when Landlords are claiming the relief for multi-business properties.
Business. This has led to cash injection that is allowing businesses to survive and in some cases to make growth.

Business Rates Resolutions is also enabling applications to be supported by Local Authorities under exceptional circumstances and this has led to many months of legislation challenges which are now successfully allowing Business Rates to be written off by the Local Authorities, whom previously had been forcing business to pay if they were not part of the ‘Hospitality’ or ‘Retail’ sectors.
This affected service and stock suppliers, particularly within the warehousing sector, which we have now successfully enabled Business Rates to be removed for periods of 12 months to 18 months by individual Local Authorities both in London and Kent. This has led to further cost savings and stresses enabling cashflow management leading to cost diversion in the business thus allowing businesses to survive and in some cases, to lead to business growth.
All personal records that are collected by the Green Cross Solutions Group are stored under strict Data Protection guidelines; our Data Protection Number is ZB042850 this can be checked on the Information Commissioners Office Register via the website link

All Financial Companies that Green Cross Solutions are affiliated or associated with, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).via their website

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