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Rent Resolutions is part of the Green Cross Solutions Group of Companies.
Rent Resolutions now offer an ‘Industry Leading and Unique Service’   to reduce Rent Payments. Starting from 25%, to 50% Agreement to exceptional cases have led to Landlords having agreed 75% of Lease Payments. In some extremely exceptional cases, we have completely reduced Business Rent Payments to 100% with a Zero Payment Plan Agreed with the Landlord.
We work in all sectors and Business types from Individuals in small businesses to Large Corporate Companies.

If your Business Landlord keeps enforcing the payment terms. Then adding Rent on to the end of the Lease…. ‘Arrears’ is all that Appears.

Rent Resolutions…
We are here to Save Your Business…..

STOP Stressing… There is another option and path to take…
At Rent Resolutions we can meet that need and provide a unique service to your business, from any sector to location within the UK.

We at Rent Resolutions and Green Cross Solutions, have successfully intervened with numerous clients both in London and Kent to resolve issues between Money Hungry Landlords and Cash Strapped Businesses.
We can work across any Location in the UK, with our Virtual Office set up and Zoom Call facility.

Rent Resolutions can successfully manage your cashflow situation by Professionally Negotiating reduced rates of Rent 75%, 50% or 25% and in some cases 100% Rent Free Periods. This is removed as a Debt and NOT added to the end of the Lease Term.

For this ‘Industry Leading Unique’ Rent Resolutions Service, Rent Resolutions charge a percentage of the Savings a Set Fee of  20%  Relating to the Business Rent Savings….

‘We have a Medium sized client who has been benefiting from
100% Rent Free for 12 months in London with £ 5000 per Month Rent Free’.

This has saved the London Based Craft Brewery, DAM TASTY LTD 
£ 46,000 to date, over the last 12 months. (*Reference Available upon Request)
In addition we have Supplied a unique Rates Reduction from the Local Authority Business Rate Team at the London Borough of Hackney Council, Totalling £ 14,000
A Total Client Saving of £ 60,000

Rent Resolutions work under a set-up fee of just £ 250, plus a fee of only 20% of the Business Rent Savings…

Example 1
A Set Up and one-off Enquiry Fee of  £ 250

20% of the Total Rent Savings for Example Lease £ 10,000 our Savings of 50% of the Lease would be £ 5,000
our fee is £ 1,000 *Payable with 7 Working Days of the Agreed Reduction.

Example 2
Set Up and one-off Enquiry Fee of  £ 250

20% of the Total Rent Savings for Example Lease £ 30,000 our Savings of 75% of the Lease would be £ 22,500
our fee is £ 4,500  *Payable with 7 Working Days of the Agreed Reduction.

Example 3
Set Up and one-off Enquiry Fee of  £ 250

20% of the Total Rent Savings for Example Lease £ 15,000 our Savings of 40% of the Lease would be £ 6,000
our fee is £ 1200  *Payable with 7 Working Days of the Agreed Reduction

These reductions and savings are reductions and Non-Payments to the Landlord, the Amounts saved are Removed from the Lease Agreement and Legally ‘Set Aside’.  Never Included or Added to the Lease.

Let Rent Resolutions give you that Helping Hand to Deal with Landlords…
As your Landlord is Not prepared help you as a Business Owner

Rent Resolutions,  visit our website  is Part of the Green Cross Solutions, Group of Companies