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Green Cross Solutions is a creative Business Consultancy practice, with ‘Unique’ deliverable solutions and services.

Green Cross Solutions is a specialist Business Consultancy; assisting and delivering projects with start-up businesses, established construction Companies through to Investment Banking businesses and International Combat and Fitness Company SPARBAR Incorporated in the USA and SPARBAR Ltd in the UK & Europe.. 

Meet the Management Team

Jay Lacy, IT Patent, BBA, AAT, Corporate Business Director
Heading the Specialised Consultancy Department and Rent Resolutions Department. With over 10 years experience at Green Cross Solutions,
Jay has previous career experience, working with banking sector leading financial institutions including :-
UBS O’Connor LLC, developing a Patented IT Software, leading to an Equity Investment as part of the UBS Portfolio, .Barclays de Zoete Wedd, Investments working within, the Share Investments Audit Division, as a Portfolio Audit Manager.

Now on secondment for 18 months as the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for UK & Europe, with a developing new Sports Innovation Company SPARBAR INC based in London, UK and New York, USA. IPO Public listing is expected in May 2021, Jay is an integral part of the Companies development within the Financial Reporting, Governance, Investor Relations and Sales & Marketing Structure, both with online platform and Business to Business relationships, driving new Income streams.
Utilising his Patent, Trademark and Legal knowledge to work closely with the Company IP and Patent Solicitor.

Joe Richmond, BBA, Business Management Consultant 
Joe has a Finance and Audit background within Assurance, Insurance and the Pension Scheme sector. Now with over 8 year’s experience at Green Cross Solutions, both in the Personal Injury Department and Business Consultancy Department. Previously Seconded to Rivers Charles as an Associate Director working within the recruitment business focusing on the Oil and Gas Sector, Legal processes and Brand development.

Kevin Powell, Rent Resolutions Manager
Leading this new Department, Kevin has four years’ experience, within the Sales and Marketing Department and PI Departments at Green Cross Solutions. In his previous life and working roles ,Kevin worked as a Client Account Manager for Christian Dior, John Lewis and Boots Pharmacy.

Our Head office is based in the Westminster,  London, W1 our Consultants work across the South East of the UK from a number of locations. Zoom Meetings and Video Calls are available via booking arrangements with our Consultants.

  • Accountancy Services
  • Business Grants, Local Authority Applications, we can assist with, Standard Applications and can also achieve ‘Grants for Business Sectors’ that were unable to claim under the current scheme and when Landlords have made claims for the Grants in cases of Multiple occupancy for Business within one building.
  • Company Formation and HMRC services
  • Commercial Leases, Subleases, Sale of Business contracts and Tenancy agreements
  • Corporate Personal Injury claim services for Employers, Carried out in conjunction with our Associated Solicitor Practice Curtis Law Solicitors) (
  • Debt Management services
  • Legal representation and Legal challenges Carried out in conjunction with our Associated Solicitor Practice Curtis Law Solicitors) (
    with over 8 Years working as a ‘Fully Associated Practice’.
  • Rates Resolutions – Representation to Local Authorities for Special Circumstance Appeals and Business Rates Reduction from 25% to 100% Reductions Achieved.
  • Rent Resolutions – Rent Arrears Solutions for struggling Business Owners and Directors, results have been Business and Survival services for many different Businesses based in the UK. Rates Reductions received from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% Rent Free Periods. ‘Written Out ‘of the Clients Lease and ‘Written Off’ from the Landlords Debt.
  • Specialist managed Personal Injury case management (Carried out in conjunction with our Associated Solicitor Practice Curtis Law Solicitors) (

Please Contact one of our specialist team of Professionals, to assess your business requirements via email

Green Cross Solutions is part of the Green Cross Solutions Group.